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    Ocean Swift Sets FREE All Its Plugins, DLC and Soundbanks!


    Ocean Swift has announced all its plugins, sample packs and preset banks are now available for free to anyone.

    Yaron from Ocean Swift told us:

    “We decided to make ALL the products on Ocean Swift Synthesis FREE for everyone to enjoy! These were a labor of love and our babies, but since I joined Native Instruments and Fernando started his company Sounds2Inspire, we had little time and could not offer a commitment to support our products.

    We would be very glad if people continue to enjoy them and be inspired by our sound and the passion we put into everything you can find there. Have a go! A HUGE, but I mean really HUGE thank YOU for everyone who supported our journey in so many ways, it was a wild ride and brought us both to where we are now. Ocean Swift, signing off!”

    This means synths like OSS Enterprise, Polyphenom 2 and Defiant WT are now totally free. But that’s not all, you can choose from more synths, but also many DLC, wavetables, Kontakt instruments, sample packs and much more.

    All the plugins are available in 32/64 bit VST format for Windows only.

    More information: Ocean Swift

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