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In-Depth Review of ST3REO Plugin by 2getheraudio

In-Depth Review of ST3REO Plugin by 2getheraudio

In the video below, Adam Pietruszko makes an in-depth review of ST3REO, 2getheraudio's brand new stereo enhancer plugin. From interface highlights to actual utilization,...
Review: FLEX Virtual Synthesizer by Image-Line

Review: FLEX Virtual Synthesizer by Image-Line

FL Studio released a public beta which contained a new VSTi called FLEX (you can download it here). In the future, FLEX will...
Review: Slam XL Channel Strip Plugin by BeatSkillz

Review: Slam XL Channel Strip Plugin by BeatSkillz

Slam XL is BeatSkillz latest release, the successor of the highly acclaimed Slam Pro and Slam Dawg multi-FX plugins shaped for modern urban producers. Slam...
Review: Klip Drum Machine Instrument by Sample Magic

Review: Klip Drum Machine Instrument by Sample Magic

Sample Magic has introduced Klip, an instrument and drum machine for electronic music production, utilising an expansive parameter editing matrix and comprehensive mixer functionality. Table...
Helper Bundle VST review

Review: Helper 3 in 1 FX Bundle by W. A. Production

With the release of Helper series, W. A. Production's plugin department is getting better and better, so it is time to take a closer...

Review: 808 Massacre, 808 Massacre V2 and Trap Empire Expansions for Heat Up 2

With this review, I start taking a closer look at the Ignite VST expansions packs for its highly acclaimed Heat Up 2 virtual workstation...

Review: UVI Rotary Effect Plugin

In this review, I will take a look at UVI Rotary, a virtual emulation of the classic rotary speaker effect, with modern controls and...
Sylenth1 v3.030

Review: Sylenth1 v3.030 Virtual Analog Synthesizer by LennarDigital

In the world of hardware synthesizers there are models which have become real classics. Models like the Minimoog, the ARP 2600 or the Roland...
Heat Up 2 workstation by Ignite VST

Review: Heat Up 2 Workstation by Ignite VST

This time we have something different - Heat Up 2, a huge ROMpler workstation instrument plugin by Ignite VST. Heat Up 2 is Ignite VST's...
UVI Orchestral Suite review

Review: UVI Orchestral Suite – Essential Symphonic Orchestra

In this review, I am back with another fantastic UVI product, Orchestral Suite - sample library for UVI Workstation and/or Falcon. UVI Orchestral Suite is...
UVI UVS-3200 Review

Review: UVI UVS-3200 – The Big Tone of Classic Korg 3200 Polyphonic Synthesizer

UVI returns en fanfare, this time with a software emulation of a legendary and extremely rare Japanese Korg PS-3200 programmable polyphonic synthesizer. The brand new...

Review: Pumper 3 In 1 Dynamic Processor Plugin by W. A. Production

W. A. Production recently entered the industry of plugin developers, and one of their first creations is Pumper, 3 in 1 dynamic processor plugin. This...

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