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    Get 60% off “Bute Loudness Normaliser” by Signum Audio


    VSTBuzz has announced 60% off Bute Loudness Normaliser audio software by Signum Audio – now €46 instead of €115.

    Bute Loudness Normaliser is designed for making those final checks, or as a quick solution for producers facing deadline pressures.

    The integrated TP Limiter takes care of any offshoots and the GUI provides you a full analysis of your final WAV file, giving you absolute peace of mind that your track will not be altered or rejected by the platform you’re delivering to.

    Bute Loudness Normaliser lets you easily optimize audio for broadcasting, gaming and music standards. Simply drag and drop audio files into the standalone application, select your preset and analyze, hit render and then export the normalized file. That’s it!


    • Produce consistent masters
    • Avoid “level shifting” and clipping downstream
    • Ensure accurate representation of your audio/music
    • Hit target levels for multiple platforms easily. Useful when you are facing tight deadlines
    • Deliver loudness compliant audio to streaming platforms, where standards are a recommendation rather than a regulation
    • Optimize dynamics for streaming content
    • Hear how your audio will sound on all streaming platforms
    • Ensure the levels of all the tracks in your setlist are consistent

    Bute Loudness Normaliser is an audio software application for 64-bit Windows 7 or higher and Mac OSX 10.9 or higher.

    The 60% off promotion is valid for a limited time only at VSTBuzz.

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