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    Blind Audio Offers FREE Foundsound Percussion Hits Collection

    Blind Audio has announced the release of Free Foundsound Percussion Hits, a collection of one-shot audio samples sourced from various everyday objects.

    They say:

    As a thank you for signing up for our mailing list we would like to offer you some free percussion samples. Blind Audio’s ‘Free Foundsound Percussion Hits’ contains a collection of hits taken from various objects; including pencils, keys, pots, weights, tableware, toys, and more.

    The included sounds were recorded using a high-fidelity handheld recorder in a natural home environment, and are presented as raw .wav files with no extra processing.

    Use these sounds to spice up your percussion tracks with some natural organic sounds, they also work great as raw sound design tools to layer and further process to create unique textures and FX.

    The pack contains a total of 50 found-sound percussion hits and is available for free at Blind Audio (newsletter signup required).

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