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    Yarra Audio Releases P511 FREE Virtual Synth for NI Kontakt

    Yarra Audio has announced the release of P511, a free Kontakt instrument sampled from a 5U modular synthesizer.

    P511 brings the beautiful analog tone from the raw analog oscillators combined with the convenience of a virtual instrument and expand its capabilities in a way where musicians wouldn’t be limited by pre-defined sounds, but have total freedom to manipulate and create their own soundscape by controlling the parameters on the instrument interface.

    The instrument is laid out in a simple and logical way, which makes it easy to understand its signal flow. Each module represents one of the building blocks of a classic subtractive synthesizer architecture.

    Each oscillator has been carefully recorded from two distinct oscillators units and for that reason, P511 keeps the characteristic of the original hardware.

    P511 requires a full version of Native Instrument Kontakt 6.6.1 or above (free Kontakt Player isn’t supported).

    More information: Yarra Audio

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