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    Decent Samples Releases Box Harp FREE Sample Library (SFZ, Kontakt, Ableton, etc)


    Decent Samples has released Box Harp, a free sample library for Decent Sampler, Ableton Live, Kontakt, SFZ, and EXS.

    This library features the warm and distinctive sound of a homemade large table-top harp. Dave Hilowitz says:

    Playing it is pretty straightforward. You can either plucked it from the end as you look down the strings or off to one side like a zither. You can play it with your bare hands – the strings are nylon and very forgiving – or you can use a pick.

    Up until now, I’ve been the only one who was really able to enjoy playing it. Hopefully, all that changes today. I’ve sampled the instrument and I’m releasing a sample library now for free. It’s got a warm but distinctive sound that can be used in a variety of different contexts.

    For this release, I’ve recorded it both ways – plucked with bare hands for a nice intimate sound – and played with a pick. As you will hear, that gives quite a different sound. The two articulations sound especially good together. There’s also a third FX layer which is the plucked sound but with some added chorus and reverb.

    Box Harp comes in five formats: Decent Sampler, Ableton Live, Kontakt, SFZ, and EXS. The library size is around 250 MB.

    More information: Decent Samples

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