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    Flandersh Tech Releases Movementron FREE Sequenced VST Synthesizer


    Flandersh Tech has announced the release of Movementron, a free virtual synthesizer for DAWs on Windows (64-bit VST3).

    As the name suggests, Movementron focuses on movement in space and time, from sequenced oscillators and filters to sequenced modulation and mangling of samples. Combined with a master effect section with compressor, filter, delay, and reverb, it works great both as a performance synthesizer and sound design tool.


    • 8-step oscillator with individual Shapes, LFOs and Filters per step.
    • Drawable oscillator with detune and 8-step filter.
    • Loop player with detune and 8 step filter.
    • Keyboard split, oversampled compressors, delays, and reverbs.

    Movementron is available as 64-bit VST3 plugin for Windows only.

    More information: Flandersh Tech

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