FKFX Releases Obvious Filter FREE Morphing Sequencing Filter Plugin

    FKFX has announced the release of Obvious Filter, a free morphing sequencing filter plugin with advanced shaping functionalities.

    Obvious Filter is the first audio plugin from FKFX, it turns any input sound to a rhythmical sequence, using a morphing filter sequencer, with numerous modulations options.

    The 10 resonant filters emulate well-known analog circuits, with unprecedented response quality and depth.


    • 10 Resonant Filters by Laurent De Soras
    • LP4/ LP2/ BP4/ BP2/ HP4/ HP2/ N4/ N2/ N2X/ PEAK+ENV
    • Morph Sequencer
    • Morph Editor
    • Editor Point Mode
    • Editor Select Modes
    • 128 Original Presets & Pack
    • Ultra Responsive OpenGL GUI
    • Modulation Matrix
    • MIDI Controlled Note for modulation
    • 33 Routing Circuits for Modulation
    • Control for Pitch & Env Modulation Oscillator
    • 39 Rare Oscillators (including emulations of some legendary synths) :
    • 3 Sine, 3 Triangles, 9 FMs, 3 Logs, 3 Ellipses, 7 Saws, 7 Squares, 4 Pulses
    • Morphing Load Manager
    • 3 Morphing Modes (Immediate / Morph / Linear)
    • Favorites Manager with Auto Ordering
    • Preset Manager
    • Random & Locked Preset Load
    • Interactive Help
    • Precise & Selectable I/O Vu-Meters
    • Polyrhythmic Rates
    • Preference Panel
    • Morph Manager
    • Powerful Snap Modes
    • Drawing Pencils, Square & Line
    • Easy Morph Points Editor
    • Multiple functions in Morph Editor
    • Smooth
    • Normalize
    • Flip Vertical & Horizontal
    • Double & Mirror
    • Roll Points Left & Right
    • Choppers
    • Copy/Paste between GUIs
    • 4 Randomize modes
    • Capture Edit
    • Rate Control for each Morph

    Obvious Filter is available for free in VST & AU plugin formats for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    FKFX plugins are designed by Nicolas Lacoumette, former Devine Machine creator, multi-awarded plugins designer, musician, and the core DSPs code is from Laurent De Soras (ex. Ohm Force). If you like his Obvious Filter, you can support him on Patreon.

    More information: FKFX Patreon

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