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    Monster Drums Is a FREE Virtual Instrument by Agus Hardiman


    Indonesian music producer Agus Hardiman has released Monster Drums, a free drum & percussion ROMpler VST instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Monster Drums is an open platform for all Indonesian producers (and not only), an invitation to contribute with custom kits. At the moment, there are already 18 drum kits covering a wide range of styles.

    Agus says:

    “The Monster Drums VST concept is the result of collaboration between Indonesian music producers as a solution for all of you so you can work optimally during this pandemic (hopefully it will pass quickly).

    Anyone can contribute to a drumkit on the condition that the drumkit is not just the raw sound but the result of the producer’s mixing. This is so that users can directly use this VST with sound quality that has been ‘finished’.”

    Regarding the instrument name, he named it Monster Drums, because in the future there will be many drumkits so that users will have many choices when using it. As mentioned above, there are already 18 kits:

    • Acoustica Hits
    • CocaCola Kit
    • RacikSuara Metal Kit
    • Gassanov’s Linn Kit
    • Groovebox Story Kit
    • Vian Dangdut Kit
    • DedenNoy #PastiGajian Kit
    • Dragon Yao Gun
    • Top 10’s Futura Kit
    • Tooth Brush Kit
    • Cajon Kit
    • Hellboy Cube
    • Adun SG Reggae Kit
    • KoKo Kalkal Tremor
    • Game Over
    • Gendang Paralon Yona
    • Punkadelic Kit

    Here’s how to install the kits:

    1. Download the plugin version according to your OS and DAW
    2. Download the kit(s) (.mse files), then just copy-paste the .mse files to the instruments folder (if using Windows) or in macOS, right-click the player and choose “Show Packages Contents” – “Resources” and paste the .mse files there.
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    Monster Drums is intuitive and features familiar controls such as global reverb and filter, as well as master volume. Each individual sound sample has controls for volume, pan, attack, and release, plus there’s an output selector so you can map each sound across the DAW’s mixer.

    You can download Monster Drums in 32- & 64-bit VST Windows and VST/AU macOS plugin versions. On the plugin page, there are also listed all its kit expansions.

    More information: Monster DAW

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