StupidCompressor Is a FREE Compressor Plugin by SNFK Music

    SNFK Music has released StupidCompressor, a free compressor VST effect plugin for Windows (macOS version coming soon).

    This plugin isn’t meant to be tweaked for hours – it’s designed with the set-and-forget mentality.

    StupidCompressor is designed to be stupidly easy to use. It contains classic controls as well as some advanced features in the advanced panel for more control of your sound.

    StupidCompressor is open source in the hope that it will help other developers in their own development and that other developers can help make StupidCompressor even better.

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    • Stereo Compressor with ratio, attack, release, and gain staging
    • Visualizer for the ratio and threshold
    • Visualizer showing the input & output levels, the threshold, and gain reduction
    • Bandpass Compressor – Only compress a certain frequency range
    • Transient Shaper – features both increase and decrease in transients
    • Limiter – Found in the clipping section; it is used for clipping without creating new harmonics (and also plain limiting if you wish)
    • Soft & Hard Clipper – Sometimes you will want new harmonics; these are perfect for adding them in

    StupidCompressor is available in 64-bit VST (VST3) plugin format for DAWs on Windows.

    More information: SNFK Music

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