Pajczur Releases PajSoil EiS FREE Creative Compressor Plugin

    Pajczur has announced the release of PajSoil EiS, a free creative compressor plugin for Windows and macOS.

    PajSoil EiS is the free version of the PajSoil commercial plugin labeled as “unrestricted compressor”. It comes with all the characteristics of a modern compressor, packed in an easy-to-use and lighter interface, plus requires less CPU usage.

    PajSoil EiS, like its bigger brother, is far from being transparent; it’s rather good to use for creative, experimental, and exaggerated compression. With this plugin, you can go really deep with compression: from gentle and invisible leveling, through “glue” style bus compression, to creative or even destructive and cacophonous compression.

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    • deep negative ratio – up to -0.10 dB
    • short times (up to total zero) of attack and release
    • look ahead (from 0 to 20 ms) option provided by a new, sophisticated and unique algorithm that calculates signal volume in run time, and applies gain reduction gradually
    • hold feature: from 0 to 50 ms
    • various characteristics of attack and release that can be fluidly changed and automated from Digital style to Analog style
    • sidechain low cut filter
    • parallel compression
    • ability to choose external sidechain signal
    • feedback compression

    The compressor is available in VST3, AU and AAX 64-bit plugin versions for Windows and macOS. In order to download it, add it to the cart on the product page, then fill in your details.

    More information: Pajczur

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