Orchestral Tools Releases Rotary FREE Library for SINE Virtual Instrument

Rotary FREE Library for SINE Virtual Instrument

Orchestral Tools released Rotary, a free sample-based library for their SINE freeware virtual instrument plugin.

Rotary is a collection of big band horns consisting of 6 brass and saxophone instruments: Trumpet Solo, Trumpet Mute Solo, Trombone Solo, Baritone Sax Solo, Saxophone Section, and Brass Section.

Colorful, spirited, and highly playable—these instruments include standard articulations (staccatissimo, marcato long, sustains accented) alongside some unusual brass effects (falls, scoops, shakes).

This collection is curated from a custom library that Hendrik Schwarzer and Sascha Knorr recorded to write the score for a major movie.

Rotary library features 2.33 GB of samples (795 MB SINEarc compressed), 24 bit/48 KHz patches. It works within the Orchestral Tools’ SINE Player free virtual instrument plugin (VST/AU for Windows and macOS).

For more information and audio demos, visit Orchestral Tools.

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