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    SampleScience Releases FREE Electro Piano VST and Hybrid Drum Samples


    SampleScience has announced two new free releases: Four EP electric piano VST and Hybrid Drum Design sample pack.

    Four EP free plugin is a collection of 4 electric piano sounds created using additive and FM synthesis. The sounds have been sampled at multiple velocities and embedded in a VST plugin instrument. The plugin is as simple as possible and comes with simple parameters to shape your sound. The tones the plugin produces sounds like a digital piano.


    • 4 electric piano sounds
    • LFO to pitch, amplitude, pan
    • Lowpass Filter
    • Reverb

    Four EP is a 64-bit VST plugin for Windows only.

    During the production of the audio demo, the developer found that turning the rate and depth controls changed the sound in a very cool way. He also found that it’s the kind of music best suited for 16-bit era video game music, it has a very light and soft sound.

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    The other free release is the Hybrid Drum Design sample pack, a collection of original drum samples created by mixing electronic and acoustic sounds.

    SampleScience told us that the samples are pulled out from a canceled website project called “StellarSamples”. He decided to give them away for free so you can enjoy this sample pack if you didn’t have the chance to do so when it was available.


    • 55 drum samples
    • 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files
    • For commercial music production

    Both freebies are available for free/donationware on SampleScience’s website.

    More information: SampleScience

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