SuperflyDSP Releases FREE Flying Delay Effect Plugin (VST/AU)

FREE Flying Delay Effect Plugin (VST/AU)

SuperflyDSP has announced the release of Flying Delay, a free delay effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

Flying Delay allows you to repeat the input signal periodically like an echo. Use it subtly or intensively on different instruments such as guitar and keyboards, but also on vocals. It can simulate a very short reverb (50ms) or echo until five seconds.

The delay plugin also features a Tape slider (“Clean” to “Dirty”), which is a tape emulation that adds some grit and warmth to the audio signal. Two filters are included – lowpass and highpass (12dB/Octave), as well as ping-pong delay mode.

As a characteristic of the Flying series, you can synchronize Delay time to the host tempo. And just like their other plugins, Flying Delay is has a low CPU usage.

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The interface is intuitive and resizable, plus if you press the CTRL key, you can make fine adjustments to the sliders.

Flying Delay is available in VST & AU plugin formats for plugin hosts running on Windows and macOS. The download is instant.

More information: SuperflyDSP

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