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    Spitfire Audio Releases FREE Dulcimer Expansion for LABS

    Spitfire Audio returns with a new expansion for its LABS freeware virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

    Christian Henson – composer and Spitfire Audio founder, recorded two dulcimers. He sampled a range of playing techniques to capture the versatility of the instrument: “hammered” will deliver a round & warm tone, fingerpicked, while “tremolo” has a metallic edge. With “glissandi” you will discover the spellbinding quality of the mini dulcimer.

    Below is a short video demo of this current expansion:

    To use this expansion library, first, download the Spitfire Audio App, then launch the application and login with your Spitfire Audio email and password. Install Dulcimer from there, then scan it in FL Studio (locate “LABS”).

    More information: Spitfire Audio

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