CL4P Maker Virtual Instrument

2getheraudio has announced the release of CL4P Maker, a brand new virtual instrument dedicated to giving your music the perfect handclaps

Handclapping goes as far back as humanity itself. So it’s not surprising that today’s hottest music keeps the tradition going. CL4P Maker has your traditional handclap sounds well covered, but it delivers a whole lot more than that. 24 easy to use controls let you dial in the perfect clap, from tight to ambient, big hands to little hands, single claps to crowd claps, and just about anything in between.

CL4P Maker advanced edit

To get you started, the developers have included 100 handclap presets with a quick select audition button. Same as its predecessor K1CK Synth, CL4P Maker also includes a Simple Edit screen for quickly auditioning and tweaking your clap sounds. If you need further sound customization, switch to the Expert Edit for fine tune control.

The available formats are VST, AU, AAX plugin (Windows and macOS). You can choose your own price, also 10% of your purchase will go to a cause.

More information: 2getheraudio

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