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    BeatSkillz Slam Dawg Beat Phattener Is Only $1 (Limited Time Offer)


    With this exclusive sale, Plugin Boutique gives you the chance to save a huge 99% off the Slam Dawg Beat Phattener plugin by BeatSkillz.

    Slam Dawg is an easy to use dynamic processor plugin that works seamlessly on tracks, busses and/or mixes. It brings a punchy, clear and wide sound, making your tracks “phat” within minutes.

    Buy BeatSkillz Slam Dawg Beat Phattener for only $1 at Plugin Boutique

    Easily ‘heat’ up your beats, buses, tracks and entire mixes by easily dialing in Tube Harmonics, making your sounds full and rich. Widen your tracks with full mono compatibility in just one dial, or dial in some ‘Air’ – High-Frequency Clarity.

    Your tracks of today need great low-end management, and we have designed the perfect controls for that; just use the ‘Boom’, ‘Thump’ and ‘Mud Out’ controls to achieve huge low-end without any distortion issues.

    The ‘Pop’ and ‘Crush’ controls are perfect for increasing the loudness of a stem or mix, and also retain the ‘Pop’ of transients, whilst keeping the mix punchy via trusty compression!

    Slam Dawg is created by modelling the desirable cool settings of popular American and British compressors, EQs and Tube Distortion Units.

    Slam Dawg is only £1/$1 at Plugin Boutique until May 21, 2018.

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    1. I just purchased this program for $1 and its in demo mode. Nowhere on this page does it state I am purchasing a demo product that cuts off for 3 seconds every 30 seconds of use. What a rip!

    2. huh, it pays to read more….apparently you get a serial number on the download page at Plugin boutique that removes the cut off. My apologies!

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