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    Review: Zulu Warriors Vol. 1 sample pack by Prime Loops


    Prime Loops has released Zulu Warriors Vol. 1, a sample pack showcasing an extensive collection of authentic audio samples from the Zulu nation of Africa, including zulu vocal samples, zulu drum loops, african whistle samples and much more.

    Sample Africa is an African music sample library exclusive to Prime Loops, that offers super-authentic audio samples from the various tribes of the continent.

    Audio demo:


    The pack is split into four main folders:

    • Drums – 57 gubhu drum loops recorded at 85, 90, 95, 100 and 115 BPM
    • Herdboy Whistles – 40 loops in dry and wet versions;
    • Ululation – 49 ethnic vocal samples (ululations), again offered dry and processed;
    • Voices – a collection of vocal one shots and loops featuring war shouts, traditional chants and more.

    My opinion:

    Zulu Warriors Vol. 1 is an authentic sample library of African ethnic samples. So far, so good, but you may ask about its usability. Personally, I find a great use in any modern pop and dance track, for example layer a gubhu drum loop with a plain hip hop beat, chop the vocals and use them in your trap banger, add some originality to your mainroom track by adding some ethnic whistles etc etc.

    I appreciate the quality of audio recordings which are offered untouched (dry) and processed mainly with some reverb (wet). Also I appreciate the variety of rhythms and melodies included, plus the great selection of ethnic vocals. In conclusion, Zulu Warriors Vol. 1 is a solid release, breaking the monotony and adding authenticity.

    More info:

    Zulu Warriors Vol. 1 sample pack by Prime Loops

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