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    Smaolab Releases Free Yamatube Dynamic Tube Processor Plugin


    Smaolab releases Yamatube, a new dynamic tube processor effect plugin available in free and pro versions.

    Yamatube is a modern emulation of the famous Peter Baxandall equalizer combined with a special analog tube circuit. It comes in a free and a pro version.

    Yamatube Free has 2 Peter Baxandall equalizer bands and 2 Analog Tubes (coming from TaraTube). The sound signal passes through a Peter Baxandall equalizer that produces very natural results. The equalizer is divided into 2 bands (4 bands with the PRO version): “Brilliance” which increases overall sound details and “Edge” which will add more relief and density to the mix.

    On top of this special equalizer, the sound is processed into 2 analog tubes set up in parallel, it adds color to the sound, from sweet to saturator. Those tubes are applied only on specific bands called “Presence” and “Lo-Air”.

    The overall combination produces a very warm and detailed sound. You can use it on a bus, on drums, mix (for pre-master), guitars, complex samples, etc.

    The plugin is free and fully supported, but no limiter, no pre-defined presets, and oversampling x4.

    Yamatube Pro comes with 4 Peter Baxandall equalizer bands, and 2 Analog Tubes, also the equalizer is divided into 4 bands. A soft limiter is included, where Release, Attack time, and Knee size are automatically calculated according to the sound characteristic.

    The price for the PRO Version is €28 EUR; if you use coupon code YAMA30, you will get 30% off.

    More information and download: Smaolab

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