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    80’s Drum Machines Collection Brings 400+ FREE Samples


    Synthwave Dojo has released 80’s Drum Machines, a free sample pack featuring 80s drum machine samples.

    Synthwave Dojo is proud to bring your our first ever sample pack, 80’s Drum Machines! It contains over 400 samples from a collection of the most iconic drum machines from the 80s. If you’re looking to add the retro drums flavor to your productions, look no further.

    The pack includes samples from the following drum machines:

    • Oberheim DMX
    • Simmons SDSV
    • Linn LinnDrum
    • E-mu Drumulator
    • SCI DrumTraks
    • Linn Linn9000
    • Roland TR-707
    • Roland TR-626
    • Roland R8
    • Yamaha RX5
    • Korg DDD-1

    Synthwave Dojo says more drum machine sounds will be added soon.

    In order to download the pack, a valid email address is required.

    More information: Synthwave Dojo

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