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    Function Loops Releases FREE 900MB Discord Exclusive Sample Pack

    Function Loops has released a 900MB free sample pack exclusively available on their Discord server. 

    900MB (360+ sounds) in the biggest FREE sampler of 2022! All genres included, you name it…

    You’ll be getting a bunch of drums, basslines, melodies, midi files, FX, music loops, vocals, and anything else you can imagine!

    We believe in community and this is our priority now at Function Loops. That’s why we created Function Loops Club on Discord, because Discord provides the technology needed.

    So the free pack is available on our Discord server. All you need to do is signup to Discord (if you didn’t already) and join the Club! You will be able to chat about music production, sample packs, share your music, etc.  Also exclusive gifts, giveaways, and deals.

    Many surprises are coming your way, join us today and grab your 900MB of free sounds (under the Announcements tab).

    All the sounds are 100% royalty-free.

    Get the free pack: Function Loops Discord

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