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    New Vintage Audio Offers FREE Custom V30 IR Pack


    New Vintage Audio has released Custom V30 IR Pack, a free collection of impulse responses captured from a custom 1×12 cabinet.

    The NVA CUSTOM V30 IR Pack includes “LIVE” and “STUDIO” Impulse Responses of a custom 1×12 cabinet featuring the popular (and also considered the industry standard) V30 speaker suitable for different situations:

    LIVE IRs are more suitable for live gigs, rehearsals, or loud volume in general. They are designed to give a great “amp in the room” feel and will behave like a tube amp (thin at lower volumes but full and round at higher volumes).

    STUDIO IRs are more suitable for recording or playing at bedroom level through nearfield speakers or headphones. They are designed to give a balanced tone that also cuts through the mix. They already have Low/High cut filters applied on them so that they are plug n’ play.

    The concept behind NVA IRs is to enable the player to easily choose the cabinet he likes and immediately start jamming or recording without the feeling that a real cabinet isn’t there.

    Regularly 9.99€, the pack is now available for free, but please note you will have to add it to the cart and go through the checkout process. The free promo might be valid for a limited time only.

    More information: New Vintage Audio

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