Ghosthack’s FREE Foleys 2022 Brings 47 Various Foley Sounds

Ghosthack's FREE Foleys 2022 Brings 47 Various Foley Sounds

Ghosthack has announced the release of Free Foleys 2022, a free sample pack of various found sounds in high-quality WAV format.

Spice up your productions with some exciting foley sounds!

Foley sounds can be everything that you can record in the real world: Doors, metals, bells, bottles, dishes, garbage cans, glass, pans, water, wood and so much more.

Our sound designers recorded a colorful selection of foley sounds for you, ready to be dropped in your next project!

Free Foleys 2022 contains 47 foley sounds; you can layer them, process them, chop them up, make whatever you want, and create something new.

In order to download the freebie, a valid email address is required.

More information: Ghosthack

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