Ben Burnes Releases “Pill Bottles” FREE Micro Sample Pack

"Pill Bottles" FREE Micro Sample Pack

Ben Burnes has updated his Micro Sample Pack (2021) free collection with Pill Bottles, a collection of sounds from… pill bottles!

Expect lots of shakes and rattles with all sizes of pills and shapes of bottles. You can use these sounds as they are, or you can layer, distort, process them and turn them into something completely different and unique.

This and many other micro packs are now available for free download from the Micro Sample Pack (2021) collection. If you aren’t familiar, this collection is a project that will constantly grow every month with small sound design features. For example, January’s freebie was Books, Paper, and Pencils, then on February was Rubik’s Cube, and so on.

Unlike the other sample packs, all micro packs will be added to the same Gumroad product, so grabbing it once will secure that you get all future updates as well.

These sounds are public domain (Creative Commons 0). You are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files.

More information: Ben Burnes Gumroad

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