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    SaschArt Releases sweepDelay FREE Advanced Delay Plugin


    SaschArt has released sweepDelay, a free advanced delay plugin with two resonant filters that are modulated in frequency.

    The developer says you can use sweepDelay if you want your delay to sound special. This plugin is easy to use and uses few resources.


    • Two resonant filters modulated in frequency, one on each channel
    • Lowpass and highpass filters
    • Link for modulation to Pan Width, Feedback, Dry and Wet Mix
    • Visual modulation position
    • Host sync delay rate
    • Rich rates: triplet and dotted
    • Auto bypass when no input signal
    • Ping pong, delay play on alternate left-right
    • Ping pong rates enhanced: normal, triplet and dotted (period between left and right)
    See also: TwinPhaser free phaser effect plugin by SaschArt

    sweepDelay is available for Windows 32/64bits or macOS, in VST and AU plugin formats.

    More information: SaschArt

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