Lira-8 FREE Plugin Inspired by Russian Synth

Mike Moreno DSP has released Lira-8, a free standalone app and virtual instrument plugin inspired by the SOMA Laboratories Lyra 8 Russian synthesizer.

The developer says its virtual Lira-8 is a digital attempt at emulating SOMA Lab’s Lyra-8 signal flow and sound. However, “the Lira•8 project is not affiliated and does not represent SOMA laboratories”.

The original Lyra 8 hardware instrument is a Russian drone synthesizer with 8 tunable voices each, FM, dual delay, hyper LFO, and distortion. It can be used successfully to create drones, ambient landscapes, outer space sounds, etc. Same for the virtual recreation with its rich and powerful sound. Take a listen below:

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You can use the Lira-8 virtual instrument in Cinematic, game music design, for pads, rhythmic sequences, Sci-Fi sounds etc.

Lira-8 is available as VST3, VST2, LV2, AU, and standalone for Linux64, Windows and macOS. The source code can be accessed via Github.

More information: Mike Moreno DSP

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