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    SoundSpot Propane Plugin FREE for the Next 24 Hours!


    SoundSpot has announced that for the next 24 hours is giving away for free its Propane, a mid-side panner/stereo imager plugin for Windows and macOS.

    This plugin is usually sold for £12, but as part of the MAdvent 2020 promotion, you have a limited time to get it for free. They say 24 hours, but it seems the clock resets with each visitor. Let’s see what is Propane.

    Propane is a stereo imager with the option to pan the mid signal separately from the side signal of a stereo track. This way you can position the mono part of your track in the stereo field as you like, and use the side information to shape the width and stereo image of the track.

    Besides giving you much more control in comparison to regular panning, this technique can be used very effectively for compensating for a stereo track with an unbalanced or lopsided center, or for creative automated and tempo-synced stereo effects. Also, it is a very natural sounding alternative for panning a bus reverb.

    Like most plugins from SoundSpot, Propane is light on CPU and RAM and has an intuitive user interface.

    Propane is available in VST, AU, AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS. Please note that in order to download it, a valid email address is required. Once you insert your email address, you will receive a coupon code. Use it for Propane plugin – here is the product page. Add it to the cart then apply the promo code you received.

    More information: SoundSpot

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    1. Ok, I just realized that Google Chrome caused another major issue for me. Out of curiosity I opened the link https://www.soundspot.audio/madvent-2020/ in Mozilla Firefox. It turned out that the whole Flash Giveaway Propane advert wasn’t displayed in Chrome, but it was in Firefox. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
      Thanks once again for the info!

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