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    Keith Bloemer Releases SmartGuitar Amp & Pedal Free VST Plugins


    Keith Bloemer has announced the release of SmartGuitarAmp & SmartGuitarPedal free plugins – tube amp, respectively pedal-style distortion/tube amp.

    SmartGuitarAmp uses a WaveNet model to recreate the sound of real-world hardware. The current version models a small tube amp, with the ability to add more options in the future.

    There is a clean/lead channel, which is equivalent to the amp’s clean and full drive settings. Gain and EQ knobs were added to modulate the modeled sound.

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    SmartGuitarPedal emulates real-world amps such as a TS9 Tubescreamer or Blues Jr.

    Drive, Level, and Tone were added for simple ways to control the sound. The WaveNet model is effective at emulating distortion style effects or tube amplifiers.

    SmartGuitarAmp and SmartGuitarPedal are available as VST effect plugins for Windows only.

    More information: Keith Bloemer

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