Fanan Team Releases ScandiClavia FREE Virtual Analog Nordish Organ VST

    Fanan Team has announced the release of ScandiClavia, a free virtual analog Nordish organ instrument for Windows, that works in an open mixer format.

    Under the hood, we find two high dynamic range oscillators that generate 2 organ emulations, each with its own size and color: precision organ and Hammond style electric organ. Fanan Team says ScandiClavia is inspired by the great Nord hardware organ sound, although using a slightly different synthesis approach.

    The 2 oscillators can be mixed together into a punchy, clicky and aggressive organ sound, allowing musical organ combinations, articulations and textures. The interface comes with full synthesis sections, 2 different MIDI velocity options, stereo enhancer engines, “gleam” effect, and global hi-pass/low-pass filters.

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    Further, there are some built-in effects, such as stereo widener, chorus, phaser, wah-wah, reverb, and delay), advanced MIDI mode, and dedicated organs alike draw-bars system.

    ScandiClavia is available as VST plugin for DAWs running on Windows (64-bit supported).

    More information: Fanan Team

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