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    ATA Music Releases Monsters vs Aliens – Free Harmless Pack Vol. 1


    Ata Music has released Monsters vs Aliens – Harmless Pack Vol. 1, a free set of presets for Image-Line Harmless additive subtractive synthesizer.

    There are 50 Harmless presets in total, from alien zaps, gongs, UFO landing & takeoff, to explosions, apocalyptic sounds and monster growls, etc. The sounds can be used in film score, games and sound effects creation. ATA Music is also the author of another free Harmless soundbank about which we wrote here.

    Monsters vs Aliens – Harmless Pack Vol. 1 is available under a “name your price” pricing strategy, where if you insert “0”, you will receive it for free. Of course, if you feel that it deserves a donation, just put any sum there to support the author.

    More information: ATA Music

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