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    Why Are FL Studio Shortcuts Essential for Every Producer?


    Finishing music and projects is a big thing in most situations for producers. When experimenting a lot, every producer knows the struggle of having loads of unfinished projects on their computer. This comes from the short creative focus and inspiration; you have an idea get it into FL Studio and often very quickly after you get used to it, the project is not that exciting anymore.

    The trick here is to get your idea as fast as possible into FL Studio. Many producers like Martin Garrix mentioned this in an interview; they want to move the idea as quickly as possible from their head into their DAW.

    If you want to improve this flow and speed-up your working tempo, you should start working on your workflow! This can be done in many different ways; one very effective one is working with FL Studio shortcuts.

    Work smarter not harder

    You should make it easy for yourself and work smarter instead of harder. Get the maximum out of your current production hours. Starting with the shortcuts FL Studio has to offer to switch between screens and perform actions with speed.

    If you can do this for a while, you will notice an incredible increase in professionality and workflow. Every window in FL Studio has its shortcuts.

    Best FL Studio shortcuts

    Below we listed some interesting shortcuts for FL Studio to considering using, if you like to use them all. Check the complete list with FL Studio shortcuts.

    Backspace=Toggle Line/None Snap
    Ctrl + Space =Start/Pause Playback
    L=Switch Pattern/Song mode
    Ctrl + E =Toggle Step Edit mode
    Ctrl + Up/Down Key =Move octave up on selected notes
    Shift + Up/Down Key =Move semi-octave down
    Alt + V =Enable ghost notes in piano roll
    Alt + Q =Quantize selected notes (arrange them on the lines)

    Tools to work faster

    There are also some hacks to implement shortcuts in your workflow, such as using an FL Studio shortcut mousepad from Inside Audio. This way you will never forget about the available shortcuts, small investment but significant win for your workflow and look of your studio.

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    1. honestly i feel like those aren’t the best. the best imo could be the ones that open up the mixer and playlist (f7 f5 if i remember correctly) you can also right click and use your scroll wheel to change tool as well as a few others. i know them by muscle memory but i cant remember what keys they exactly

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