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    2getheraudio Updates K1CK Synth Kick Drum Generator to v1.1

    2getheraudio has announced an updated version of their fantastic K1CK Synth kick drum instrument plugin generator.

    You asked, 2getheraudio delivered! In the latest V1.1 K1CK Synth update, the oscillator section has been upgraded with an Amp Envelope Attack knob, that lets you fade in the oscillator sound smoothly, reducing the sharp transient, some of you wanted it to be brought under control.

    This yields double benefits. First, you can make smoother sounding kicks, if you want to (or leave it at 0 for a super clicky attack). Second, it allows for the sampled attack to shine. This provides even more flexibility when you are designing your perfect kick drums.

    On top of this new functionality, added are 25 new attack samples, sourced from field recordings, infusing your synth kicks with a more organic component. Bundled are also 25 new presets using the new attack control and samples. The update is free for the current version owners.

    2getheraudio K1CK Synth is a virtual instrument with a new hybrid synth engine designed specifically for creating and delivering a huge range of electronic kick drum sounds.
    Two interfaces, Simple and Expert, give producers a highly optimized set of sound design controls for fast auditioning, simple tweaking or fine tune control.

    K1CK Synth uses a custom audio engine with sampled attack transients and specialized synth oscillators to generate the initial big body sound. Individual envelopes for pitch and amplitude shape the decay while customized drive and compression circuits dial in the punch. Effects, including bit crushing, decimation, and low pass and high pass filters deliver a huge range of possibilities for extra character and edge. Finally, three kick drum microphone options add the polish.

    You can try K1CK Synth for FREE at The plugin is available in our Pay-What-You-Want model ($10 minimum) and 10% of the amount goes to a charity you choose at checkout.

    More information: 2getheraudio

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