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DX-7 Blaze – 35 free Yamaha DX7 SFZ instruments

As they promised, Yamaha Synthesizers Europe return with DX-7 Blaze, a new sampled vintage Yamaha synthesizer - this time the legendary DX7. Yamaha DX7 FM...

Yamaha Synthesizers Europe intros DX-1 DX-5 Slap – free sample library for Zampler RX

Yamaha Synthesizers Europe has announced the release of DX-1 DX-5 Slap, a new sample library for Zampler RX player, featuring sounds recorded from Yamaha...

Yamaha Synthesizers Europe releases free Yamaha CS-40m sample library (SFZ)

Yamaha Synthesizers Europe and Beat Magazin have released CS-40M Burst, a free sample library featuring a sampled Yamaha CS-40m vintage synthesizer. The CS-40m is a...