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Vinyl Free Lo-Fi Effect Plugin

Izotope Re-Releases Vinyl FREE Lo-Fi Effect Plugin

iZotope has re-released its Vinyl - free creative effect plugin that simulates the dust, scratches, warp, and mechanical noise of vintage turntables. The new version...

Vinyl free effect plugin by iZotope now 64-bit!

iZotope just made an overhaul on its Vinyl - free effect plugin (Windows & Mac OS X) which adds the noises of a turntable...

Alden Nulden Productions intros Statix – free vinyl noise emulator for Kontakt

Alden Nulden Productions has announced the releases of Statix, a new free Kontakt instrument library which emulates the noise of a vinyl disc. It was...

Rancorsoft releases free VinylSound VST

Rancorsoft has released VinylSound, a free VST instrument pre-loaded with 13 sound loops of real vinyl record pops and clicks. VinylSound can quickly create a...

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