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HY-Plugins HY-Filter3 Plugin

HY-Plugins Releases HY-Filter3 Plugin with FREE Version

HY-Plugins has announced the release of HY-Filter3, a multimode filter for Windows and Mac OSX. HY-Filter3 comes in commercial and free editions. Here are the...

HY-Mono free monophonic synthesizer by HY-Plugins released

HY-Plugins returns with HY-Mono, a free monophonic synthesizer for Windows. HY-Mono takes inspiration from the structure of Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) analog synthesizer. Just...

HY-Plugins releases HY-Reso free filter VST effect plugin

HY-Plugins has announced the release of HY-Reso, a new free filter effect VST plugin for Windows. HY-Reso consists of three parallel chained bandpass filters, mostly...

HY-Plugins releases HY-TP free tremolo/panner effect plugin

HY-Plugins has announced the release of HY-TP, a new free VST effect plugin. HY-TP is a tremolo + panner combo, with a simple and intuitive...

HY-Plugins releases HY-ChoFla free chorus/flanger VST plugin

HY-Plugins returns with HY-ChoFla, a free 2 in 1 chorus/flanger plugin for Windows. HY-Plugins' HY-ChoFla has a mode switch that allows you to choose between...

Freeware Round-up #2: Sylenth1 gets tropical

As promised, here we are at the second issue of our Sunday's freeware round-up, where I point out some items I (intentionally) missed during...

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