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    Inner Pitch Is a Free Pitch-Shifting Plugin by Auburn Sounds


    Auburn Sounds has announced the release of Inner Pitch, a free effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Inner Pitch is a fun pitch-shifting plugin with a very high-quality natural sound.

    Inner Pitch’s goal is to stay true to the source material. Preserving the intent of the input performance is the priority, with destruction as an option only.

    This plugin can:

    • Shift pitch,
    • Shift formants,
    • Reinforce bass with dry/wet,
    • Double a track,
    • Stereoize with L/R pitch difference,
    • Synthesize hellish soundscapes,
    • Create endlessly ascending sounds or conversely, endless falls.

    Inner Pitch is available in VST3, VST2, AAX, AU and LV2 plugin formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

    More information and download: Auburn Sounds

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