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    Ben Aylon aka One Man Tribe Offers Free Handpand Tribalized Sample Pack


    Ben Aylon (One Man Tribe) re-releases Handpand Tribalized, a sample pack released three years ago for a limited time and has not been available since.

    The royalty-free sample pack offers 48 handpan and percussion loops as fully mixed tracks or individual parts, with dry and wet versions played through a Roland RE-201 Tape Delay.

    Listen below a live performance by Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon:

    This man simply breaths percussion!

    Handpand Tribalized sample pack is available until November 10th. Don’t miss it, as it will be taken down.

    For a limited time, Ben Aylon is also giving away all his sample catalog at 95% off. You can buy the full catalog for only $39.99 (reg. price $660). It contains 33 sample packs with 8GB total file size, 2,473 loops and 1,424 one-shots!

    More information and download: Ben Aylon (One Man Tribe)

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