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    BFD Player Free Drum Instrument Plugin Features a 5GB Library


    BFD has announced the release of BFD Player, a free drum instrument plugin for Windows and macOS users.

    BFD Player is easy to use: simply open it up as a virtual instrument in your favorite DAW, or in standalone mode and you’ve got fantastic real drum sounds, imaginative professional grooves, and an easy-to-use mixer. You can have that radio-ready drum sound in minutes.

    Even better, the plugin is filled with pro-mixed kits and grooves to get you started. And when you need some new sounds you can expand BFD Player with an ever-growing collection of sound libraries.

    BFD Player comes with 340 grooves created by top drummers that bring the kit to life. All the grooves are fully searchable based on such tags as genre, tempo, and even leading hand, so you can find the right one to fit your song.

    And when you’ve got the drums and grooves just how you like them, use the inbuilt mixer to get a pro drum sound. If you’re new to recording there are plenty of presets to get you started, or if you want to craft the mix yourself you can take over, and even route the drum outputs separately to process the sounds with your favorite plugins.

    The kit piece browser takes BFD Player to another level, infusing tracks with vibrant, lifelike drum elements. This feature enables users to swap drum components with exciting alternatives from diverse expansion packs, igniting a world of sonic exploration.


    • 5GB library in the free version, not limited in terms of velocity layers nor channels available.
    • 3D kit view with switchable drums.
    • A simplified mixing experience, with 4 macros to quickly change the sound of the loaded preset.
    • Groove browser with filtering mechanics.
    • Has a library of 340 drum patterns that users can drag and drop right into their sessions.
    • Comes with a collection of production-ready presets to get people up and running quickly.
    • Includes an ‘Original Mix’ preset that gives users access to all channels.

    BFD Player is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

    More information and download: BFD

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