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    MVerb 7B Is a Free Reverb Effect Plugin by MV’s Plugins


    MV’s Plugins has announced the release of MVerb 7B, a free reverb effect plugin for users on Windows.

    MVerb 7B is a hybrid algorithmic/convolution reverb with the objective to produce pleasant sounding, long reverb tails at the quality level achieved by convolution reverbs, but with the flexibility and small footprint of algorithmic reverbs.


    • Hybrid (algorithmic/convolution) stereo reverb VST plug-in
    • Reverberation time control from 0.4 s to 10 s
    • Early reflections pre-delay control
    • Low Cut control to roll off low frequencies when the reverb sounds muddy
    • Hi Damp control to allow for faster decay of high frequencies
    • Separate controls for dry and wet signal amount, respectively
    • Smart stereo width control respects input stereo panning
    • Output level LED indicator
    • Gated reverb effect
    • Freeze effect
    • Preset manager with 64 freely editable presets and 9 factory defaults

    MVerb 7B is available in VST plugin format for Windows only.

    More information and download: MV’s Plugins

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