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    Beat Releases Free Acid Bass Electro Loops From Norand Mono mkII


    Beat has announced the release of a free collection of Acid Bass Electro loops from the Norand Mono mkII synthesizer.

    Want some crunchy sizzling basslines for your next Techno or Electro smasher? Check. With instruments on top and free of charge? Check. It’s all here for you!

    They say:

    The BEAT crew locked itself in the studio and only opened the door when we had a full 16 minutes of loops and stems from the Norand Mono mkII ready – sometimes hypnotic, sometimes needle-like for the perfect electro-accupuncture, and sometimes even with a filthy growl, so that the sound fits in with Electro and Melodic Techno without further ado.

    And all this available as a free download!


    • 16 minutes of loopable stems from the Norand Mono mkII
    • 33 modulated bass and lead sequences (without post-processing)
    • 33 modulated bass and lead sequences (pimped, with effects)
    • 15 instrument multi-samples in SFZ format for all compatible samplers
    • 870 MB samples

    True to the synth’s motto, all 66 samples in the pack contain numerous modulations but were designed so that you can cut out shorter parts at any time without automation and incorporate them directly into your tracks as loops. On top of that, there are 15 multisample instruments in SFZ format with which you can build your own sequences with the sound of the Mono mkII.

    In addition, all samples are included in a pimped version, with tasty tape saturation for an extra-crunchy sound.

    More information and download: Beat / Zampler Sounds

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