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    audiolatry Releases Free RetroGrit Lite Virtual Instrument


    audiolatry has announced the release of a new plugin called RetroGrit – featuring a warm and intimate fusion of Retro and Lofi.

    Seamlessly melding the allure of Retro tones with the cozy warmth of Lofi sounds, RetroGrit brings forth a unique sonic experience that transports both musicians and producers to a realm of timeless nostalgia and contemporary creativity.

    The plugin comes in two versions: full and Lite/free, the only difference between these is the number of presets.

    RetroGrit full version comes with 80 multi-sampled presets sourced from vintage analog synthesizers. All the presets were made from scratch by audiolatry’s in-house sound designer.

    RetroGrit is currently offered at 40% off the regular price, $17 only instead of $28, on intro offer.

    RetroGrit Lite contains 9 multi-sampled presets taken from the full edition and is available as a free download, no strings attached, 100% royalty-free.

    The plugins are aimed at Lofi Hip Hop, Retro Pop, Chillout, Ambient, IDM, Cinematic, Game Music, EDM, etc.

    More information and download: audiolatry

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