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    2B Delayed Classic Plugin Is Free This Weekend Only!


    2B Played just announced its 2B Delayed Classic effect plugin is free this weekend only (worth €20 EUR).

    This plugin empowers you to sculpt breathtaking auditory landscapes with its cutting-edge delay, filter, reverb, and distortion technologies. Take command of your sound with precision. Independently adjust the delay time for both left and right channels, allowing you to orchestrate intricate, multidimensional sonic tapestries.

    Vary the feedback strength to create evolving echoes, harmonious repetitions, and aural resonances that captivate your listeners.

    Engage the low-pass and high-pass filters to isolate and accentuate specific sonic frequencies, ensuring that only the most exquisite elements of your audio shine through.

    Unleash controlled chaos. Harness the power of distortion to infuse your sound with character and grit. From subtle warmth to electrifying crunch, 2B Delayed Classic puts the power of sonic transformation at your fingertips.

    Paint your mix with lush reverberations. Infuse your soundscapes with depth and dimension, adding an ethereal quality that transports your listeners to sonic realms beyond imagination.

    2B Delayed Classic is engineered to deliver mind-blowing results without bogging down your system. Experience creative freedom without compromise as you effortlessly weave magic into your mix.

    Whether you’re aiming for traditional stereo effects or experimenting with intricate echoes, 2B Delayed Classic has you covered. This plugin is optimized to demand as little from your computer as possible, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. You can use it on virtually anything in your mix, from vocals and guitars to synths and drums. The power to shape your sound is now in your hands.

    2B Delayed Classic is available to Windows and macOS users in VST3 and AU plugin formats.

    In order to get this plugin for free, use code FREE48 at the checkout. The offer ends on September 24th.

    More information and download: 2B Played

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