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    Loudstakk Releases 26 MIDI Drum Grooves for Death Metal, Doom & Black Metal


    Loudstakk has released Free MIDI Starter Pack, a collection of 26 MIDI drum grooves with fills for Death Metal, Doom and Black Metal.

    Loudstakk’s mission is to empower musicians of all levels by providing top-quality songwriting tools. Founded in the Summer of 2023 by Ron D. Rock (co-founder of Ugritone), Loudstakk’s goal is to offer a diverse range of resources, including Drum MIDI, Drum Samples, and other songwriting tools to streamline the process.

    Ron told us:

    “The concept for the MIDI Groove Pack stemmed from my personal experiences and creative vision. I’ve always had a clear idea of how the drums should sound in my songs, which sometimes led to overwhelming drummers with a multitude of ideas. When I write songs, I prefer to maintain a focused workflow without constantly switching between the guitar and the drum kit. Having a deep understanding of how I want the drum parts to be, including specific elements like back beats, breakdowns, and blast beats, I decided to simplify my own process and create a comprehensive library of go-to grooves.

    For songwriters seeking to streamline their process and place a greater emphasis on crafting the actual song or riffs, I highly recommend considering Loudstakk MIDI Grooves. By utilizing these resources, you can significantly reduce the time spent on programming and instead channel your energy into the creative aspects of your music.”


    • Fast Grooves, Midtempo Grooves, Slow Grooves
    • Death Metal, Doom, Black Metal*
    • 26 Grooves with Fills
    • Grooves Performed by Ron D. Rock
    • Mapped for EzDrummer/Superior Drummer

    Free MIDI Starter Pack is a free download (requires a valid email address).

    More information and download: Loudstakk

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