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    Softube Dirty Tape Plugin Is Free With Any Paid Purchase!


    Plugin Boutique are offering a free copy of Softube’s Dirty Tape plugin with any paid purchase throughout the month of June.

    Dirty Tape gives you warm, analogue vibes from the moment you load it on a track. Capable of fiercely gritty distortion and saturation, Dirty Tape can also add subtle texture and movement to a sound. Like a photo filter for your tracks, Dirty Tape will take you from static and dull to lively and colourful in a snap.

    Dirty Tape is built on this legacy of creativity, passion, and attention to detail. Because to create tools that innovate, you have to have heart, soul, and Rock & Roll Science.

    With two knobs to regulate all the effects it produces, Dirty Tape makes it simple to add lo-fi, vintage vibes to your mix. The Dirt and Drive controls—based on the Dirt and Drive sections of Softube Tape Echoes—are precision-tuned to dial in the ideal amount of the intended effect. From retro distortion, saturation, and degradation to tape speed variations like pitch modulation, crosstalk, and stereo imbalance to flutter, dropouts, and wow. Dirty Tape delivers it all—with ease.

    Programmed drum loop sounding too clean? Piano loop too hi-fi for your hip-hop vibe? All the components of your beat will sit right in your mix with the perfect amount of warm saturation from Dirty Tape. It lets you add movement, musicality, and a hip lo-fi mood to your beat-making process.

    Dirty Tape is available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS and requires an iLok account.

    Get this plugin for free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique (no minimum). The promotion ends on June 30th, 2023.

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