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    Vladyslav Voinov Releases PeakEater Free Waveshaper Plugin


    Vladyslav Voinov releases PeakEater, a free open-source wave shaping plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

    PeakEater lets you choose between different waveshaping functions to clip everything above ceiling level. Therefore, you can boost the overall volume of your track safely without worrying that some nasty peak would go above the maximum allowed volume level of your DAW.

    PeakEater supports various features such as multiple clipping types, oversampling, and visualizations of the clipping process that aim to make clipping easy and fun.

    This plugin is available in VST3, AU, LV2, and CLAP plugin formats for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

    More information and download: Vladyslav Voinov/vvvar

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