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    FirePresser Compressor Plugin Worth $110 Is Free for a Limited Time


    United Plugins announces FirePresser compressor effect plugin by FireSonic is available free for a limited time.

    FirePresser offers you four of the most iconic analog compressor emulations in a simple interface, which lets you blend all of them easily and give lush analog compression to any material in no time.

    FirePresser’s Rainbow Pad gives you control over the amount of presence of every compressor in the chain. You can drag just one parameter in order to achieve the best results. Quick, simple and creative.

    Simply drag the order of the compressors to change the sound in a fraction of a second. The labels of each compressor let you re-order and compare each unit instantly.

    Experienced users may want to use the Detector feature of this plugin. This gives you access to advanced features of all engaged compressors at the same time.

    The overall effect of FirePresser can be accentuated by dialing the Turbo knob to get more squashed and seasoned by pleasant analog saturation.

    FirePresser is equipped with lots of presets for almost any studio situation. In most cases, you will just load a preset and dial Wet/Dry knob to achieve fantastic results. FirePresser is a real-time-saver.

    FirePresser is available in VST/VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

    FirePresser usually costs $110 USD, but until April 16th, 2023, you can download it free from the United Plugins store and at Plugin Boutique.

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