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    Free Online Kick Drum Generator Lets You Create & Download Kick Samples


    Kick Drum Generator is an amazing online tool by muted.io that lets you create and download free synthesized kick drum/bass drum sounds.

    To shape your desired kick drum, you’ll have access to parameters for the tuning, pitch decay, attack, release, distortion and bit crushing, gain and compression.

    Click on the download button at any time to download a WAV file for that kick drum sound and use it in your favorite DAW right away. You can tweak the sample rate and bits per sample (16 or 32 bits) for the generated kick drum samples.

    There’s a limiter on the kick sound at 0 dB, to protect from the output getting too loud/clipping.

    If you like this tool, you can donate on the product page. Seb from muted.io says his ultimate goal is to be able to focus his time on creating more free musical tools, and your donation will go directly towards making that goal a reality.

    More information: muted.io Kick Drum Generator

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