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    Free “SPX Nevermore” Flanger Replicates the Yamaha SPX 90 Symphonic Preset


    Witch Pig releases SPX Nevermore, a free flanger plugin that replicates the Symphonic preset found in the Yamaha SPX 90 unit.

    Tom from Witch Pig told us:

    SPX Nevermore is my attempt at replicating the Symphonic preset from the 1990s Yamaha SPX 90 rack effects unit. As this was a budget 12-bit digital FX unit, and notoriously noisy, by default I have enabled the ‘Noisy’ and ’12 Bit’ switches.

    I found that this low bit rate, and background noise, needed to be fed into the signal before the stereo flanger effect, in order to emulate something close to the distinctively lo-fi sound of the original.

    The SPX Symphonic preset was most famously used on bass for Nirvana’s ‘NEVERmind’ album, and by Zakk Wylde for the guitar on Ozzy’s ‘No MORE Tears’.

    SPX Nevermore is available in VST3 plugin format for Windows (no macOS version).

    More information and download: Witch Pig

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