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    audiolatry Updates Mel-Lofi Free Virtual Instrument to Version 2.0


    audiolatry announces the updated 2.0 version of their Mel-Lofi free virtual instrument plugin for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    This virtual instrument is based on the Mellotron multi-samples recorded by Taijiguy (+ 1 “invented” preset) and brings 24 presets distributed across 5 main instrument categories.

    What’s new in v2.0:

    • the GUI is changed to make room for new features;
    • 4 completely new effects were added: delay, chorus, distortion with cabinet emulation, and reverb (different from the previous reverb);
    • the background fx layers remain the same but they have new volume sliders and icons;
    • a velocity knob was added, allowing you to play as usual with velocity sensitivity enabled, but also with fixed velocity like the original real instrument. The fixed velocity can be adjusted;
    • the plugin now has 24 multi-sampled presets, with one more than the previous version. The preset is called Octave Strings and emulates old tape strings.

    audiolatry has also announces that the 50% discount for Retromania ends this weekend. If you are interested in a plugin that recreates the iconic sounds of the 80s, now is your chance to buy it for only $10.

    More information and download: audiolatry

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