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    SampleScience Releases The Bells Free Virtual Instrument Plugin


    SampleScience announces the release of The Bells, a free VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument for Windows and macOS.

    The instrument is also available in Decent Sampler and Kontakt format.

    The Bells features 15 tonal bell sounds that can be shaped using the onboard effects.

    The plugin version has 4 effects to shape your sounds to your taste.

    The Decent Sampler version can be used on iOS, Linux, and in Pro Tools.

    Features (plugin version)

    • 15 bell sounds
    • Multi-LFO
    • Distortion, reverb, chorus, delay
    • Lowpass/highpass filter
    • Low-CPU usage
    • Amplitude range controls
    • 3 voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato

    The Bells is available for free by entering “0” in the price field at Gumroad.

    More information and download: SampleScience

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